Sleep Deprivation Can Be Detrimental To Your Health...

Getting less than 7 hours of sleep each night affects your:


During sleep, your body creates infection-fighting proteins called cytokines. The less sleep you get, the fewer cytokines your body can build, leaving you vulnerable to viruses.


Sleep helps repair blood vessels, regulate blood pressure, and reduce inflammation. Lack of sleep increases your likelihood of heart attack or stroke.

Mental Health

While you sleep, pathways are created in your brain to help you process information. When those pathways are disrupted it can lead to memory loss, anxiety, and depression.


Your body releases the hormone leptin to alert you to feel full, and ghrelin to stimulate hunger. With less sleep, ghrelin is overproduced, making it harder to lose and maintain weight.

At 8 hour Snooze™, we recognize the busy society we're living in, There's always so much to do, and not enough time in the day to get it all done. That's why getting a full night of deep, refreshing sleep is now more important than ever.

We watched our friends and family desperate search for a new over the counter sleep medication or prescription that would finally give them the sleep they deserved.

That's why we created 8 hour Snooze™- to give our loved ones the gift of a full night's sleep with a simple, (tasty!), healthy, and non-habit forming solution. We knew the best way to feel good during the day was to start by forming better habits at night.

On Any Given Night, More Than Half The Adults In America Suffer From Insomnia To Some Degree...

8 Hour Snooze™ contains the perfect blend of natural ingredients to give you the 8 hours you deserve, without the morning hangover.


An amino acid found in tea leaves, L-theanine aids in relaxation by calming the racing thoughts in your mind and reducing anxiety.


A naturally occurring byproduct of L-Tryptophan, the sleepy chemical released from eating turkey, 5HTP promotes the production of melatonin in your body.


Promotes the formation of pathways in the brain during sleep, which helps keep you focused and balanced during the night and throughout the day.

Valerian Root

An herb commonly used to treat insomnia, Valerian Root has been also been found to calm negative side-effects and withdrawal from sleeping medication.


This nature-identical hormone helps to regulate your body’s natural circadian rhythm, or sleep cycle, in order to support long term sleep health.

Sleep Now, Wake Up Refreshed